Monday, 30 April 2012

Stuff that happened over the weekend.

Hello there. The title of this post is so imaginative, isn't it? Anyways, how are you? Good I hope. I just want to say thank you to everyone for your comments about Ginny's story and thank you to some of you that shared stories about how you rescued your pooches. I'll admit a few...and when I say few I'm lying, I mean all of the stories made me teary eyed. It's also really amazing to hear a some people have now decided they want to rescue their next pet.

I wasn't entirely sure what to write about in this blog post, so I thought I'd write about a selection of things which happened over the weekend that I want to share with you guys.

1. You can now have Ginny as your Google homepage theme! Pretty cool, I know. have pictures of Ginny in the animal category that you can use as your homepage theme. I've been switching between different Ginny themes for the past few days. Of course if you'd rather not have a Ginny theme they have a huge selection to choose from... but it's obvious having a Ginny theme will make you more awesome than a rollerskating panda. Below is a screenshot of my  favourite Ginny theme, so thank you for this! I've already convinced (and when I say convinced I mean actually mean forced) most of my friends and family to use this Ginny theme.
Now you can stare at Ginny's adorable face while you search for things on Google.

2. A good IG friend (username: @westieowner68) painted this amazing picture of Ginny and Simba. I truly love this painting, makes me wish I had the skill to paint. Every time I try and paint something it looks like I've just had a hissy fit and thrown a tin of paint at a canvas. Thank you so much for this painting @westieowner68.

3. A friend of mine who moved to Japan from the UK a few months ago sent over a box of delicous deliciousness, I have a few IG friends from Japan so I thought I'd post some of the things that were sent on here. I'd like to note that these things didn't last long and were eaten pretty quickly, I probably shouldn't have eaten half of this stuff so quickly but I have no regrets. It was totally worth it. Even if I did feel full and sick for the rest of the day.

This is for me, right?

One of my favourite things ever, Pocky. This was banana and chocolate Pocky.  10/10 on the omnomnom scale.

These were also a 10/10 on the omnomnom scale.

These were a 10/10 too, in fact all the food was a 10/10.

Some random key chains (I rather like key chains) and head phones. 

4. Last thing on the list of things I wanted to share with you (you must be so bored reading through all this, if you made it this far congratulations) I discovered this weekend with the help of my niece while babysitting her that I can do a cartwheel. I've never been able to do a cartwheel until now. You may be thinking "Chelsea, why do we care about this?" Well, I don't know why you would care about this, but my niece said I should share this information. In fact her exact words were "Cartwheels are cool, why you don't you tell those people that live in the computer that I taught you how to do a cartwheel?". So there you have it,
cartwheels are officially cool and apparently all of you guys now live inside my computer. A 6 year olds way of thinking is hilarious.

That's it for this blog post, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this. I'd love to know where in the world you guys are from, so if you're reading this leave a comment on here letting me know!

And here's a lollypop for you for being so well behaved while reading this.

~ Chelsea.


  1. Loved the post Chelsea! My name is Melina also known as @Melovekins! I'm from California! I have no pets but I use Ginny as well others pets that I follow on Instagram as my inspiration to get one soon! As soon I pass my RN license boards and get my own place lol.. My grandparents and old school and believ pets belong outside ��.. Well anywas I want to thank you for always putting a smile on my face with Ginny she is truly a light filled creature ❤☀

  2. Hey, Chelsea! I really love your blog. Keep posting, dear, you have a natural talent for that! My name is Monica (in instagram i'm @mo_march) and I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I love animals. Dogs are my passion. They are amazing. Vida (that's my dog's name meaning 'Life') is sending wet kisses o.O to Ginny and to you. :-)

  3. Hi Chelsea! Loved this post! :) I'm from Malaysia but am studying in Singapore now! I've always been a huge fan of your instagram since the first day I found your account. :) Ginny's photos never fail to put a smile on my face no matter how bad my day is. It has really helped me a lot and I would like to thank you soooo much for taking such nice photos of cute Ginny and sharing it with the world! Thanks!

    Cherli (@cherlichang)

  4. Hi Chelsea and Ginny! My name is Alta (@delena1022) I am from Los Fresnos, TX , U.S . I love seeing pictures of Ginny everyday on Instagram. She is such a personality and I know almost every single one of ur followers could agree with me when I say Ginny should be in movies!!!! Really, she is a lovely dog and is my favorite doggy on Instagram! I too, have a little Pomeranian/chihuahua mix furry friend ,named Rigby,who I rescued and adopted from the Harlingen Humane Society in Harlingen, Texas. The harlingen humane society is a kill shelter who euhanizes based on the amount of space that they have. I have to say Rigby stole my heart from the begginning and he became my best friend and even more, he became my family. I love u guys and hope to keep seeing more of super hero BatGinny for a very long time!

  5. That is so cool that Ginny is on Google themes! She is so adorable! My name is Amanda, instagram @amperryphotography, and I'm from Midland, Texas. Your photos of Ginny are really great. Her action shots are the best!

  6. Aylesbury, just down the road from you I believe

  7. Hi Chelsea! My name is Bobby (@bacr33). One of the things I like about IG is seeing the view of people all around the world. I was stationed in Japan for a couple years when I was in the USMC. A good friend of mine teaches English in Japan.

    I live near Tulsa, Oklahoma with my wife, six dogs (including Super Sheila) and three cats. All of our animals are rescues... One of which we didn't think was going to live (Vegas). I have a soft spot for animals. I plan on telling their stories on my blog someday, but I find it difficult to post. Which is really weird because in person I could talk your ear off.

    Your niece is right... cartwheels are cool! So is walking on your hands! =]

    Thanks for the lollypop! ;]

  8. hi hi Ginny & Chelsea! Mocha & myself just read your blog and we are really touched by your story abt Ginny. keep on posting! we love random (or not) ramblings!!!

  9. Hello Chelsea and Ginny! I love Ginny's story! Both of my dogs are rescues, I have a major soft spot for them! Thank you for sharing pictures of Ginny, I look for them everyday!

  10. Haha I want to try all your treats from Japan! I love their candy!! =)

  11. Hi Chelsea, I'm from India and I love looking at your pictures of Ginny. She's adorable, and you both are lucky to have each other!